How I Work

BooksMy philosophy is that whilst each person is unique we share much in common.

As such I will vary how I work from client to client to suit their needs and the topics we engage with, to respond to their unique perspective.

As much as I will work with your unique perspective I also bring to our relationship all that I have learnt from my training, psychological and philosophical studies and experience with other clients.

The common thread through this will be a care for you and your viewpoint. This can enable you to make changes as you see fit.

My standard approach is to be led by you through our session and to collaborate with you in understanding and engaging with your world. At times however I can be directive if it seems useful to you.

At times I can offer you back your view of the world, to help clarify.

At times I can relate one part of your world to another, to help understand.

At times I can offer challenges to parts of your world to provoke re-engagement.

At times I can sit with you to feel the feelings that come up for you.

At times I can sit with you and explore areas that you find confusing.

At times I can offer techniques to help you deal with distress.

At times I can develop  frameworks of  your  problems to help you understand and respond to them.



I work according to the ethical guidelines detailed by my accrediting body the BACP.